High Performance Sleeping Systems, Tarps and Accessories

We are a small custom gear manufacturer specializing in ultralight down quilts, tarps, and accessories. Each piece of gear is indiviually handcrafted by our small staff paying the utmost attention to quality. You can rest assured that your order will receive our complete attention from start to finsih ensuring the highest possible quality. To achieve this level of quality means we can not and will not RUSH the work, trust us when we say "THE WAIT WILL BE WORTH IT!!!!"

TOP QUILT BUYING GUIDECOMBO 5% REBATE: If you are looking to buy both a Flight Jacket Top Quilt, Zeppelin Under Quilt and/or a Tarp you'll be eligible to receive a 5% REBATE on the purchase price of the order. If you purchase two major products of any type you will be eligible to receive a 5% REBATE on the purchase price of the order. Items must be ordered on the same order to qualify for the 5% REBATE. After you've placed your order just send us an email requesting your 5% REBATE. The money will go back onto the credit card or PayPal account you paid with. This applies to NON-SALE items and can not be combined with other discounts or sales.

Finally got to open my Christmas present of a new 20*F Flight Jacket Top Quilt and Hanger 11 Tarp. I know, it's early but my wife and I won't spend Christmas together this year so we had our own Christmas early. As always, fantastic work! Mike
Got my new summer 40*F Flight Jacket Top Quilt today and man I LIKE IT! great piece to add to my gear for warm weather hanging. Once again thank for a great product. your faithful customer...David
The 0*F Zeppelin Under Quilt arrived today. Man that thing is beautiful So nice not to have the typical browns and greens. Makes me want to sell some of my other quilts and get them in different colors. Just wanted to say thanks so much for it...Dave
These quilts are exactly what I had pictured in my mind before I even contacted you...they are PERFECT! I have several TQ's from JRB and Hammock gear... while they are nice quilts they simply do not even compare to what you sent me. I am completely blown away by the quality in your products. Thank you again for your wonderful custom quilts...Sam